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Ultra-compact, foldable, powerful and comfortable, the FunKey S is the perfect handheld for playing retrogames anywhere, anytime.

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FunKey News #9
4 days ago – Sat, Jul 31, 2021 at 10:23:58 AM

Hello everybody!

Now it's been a long time! How are you doing?

Last update was shared on 2nd July, almost a month ago 🤐 🤐

Time to freshen things up, shall we? 

The rise of new themes

We'd like to start with the themes, and that goes straight to the FunKey community. Many different themes have popped up on Discord, designed and shared by FunKey owners - and dang they are beautiful! Have a look! 😍 😍

All these gorgeous themes can be found and downloaded on Discord ! We encourage you to see for yourself and leave a thumbs up to their creators😉 

We take this opportunity to thank the people who admin the Discord and offer these themes. We regularly read what happens there and it's alway full of new stuff (themes and releases) and mutual aid ! 

Keep the themes coming! 💪

Backstage work

That surely is the subject you're the most interested about: production and shipping! How is it going? 

Well, we're hard at work, see for yourself:

So yes, it's going well! 😄

That's a lot of FunKeys, huh? We were told around 300 units were assembled per day! This has been going for a few days now, which means the shipping process of this production batch is around the corner 🎉 

boxes in a box

We want to thank you for your patience and understanding. Most messages we receive nowadays are about the shipping status and we try to keep you updated as much as we can. 

We're also excited to see the shipping date coming pretty soon. 😊 

Crystal Bluuuuuuuuuue

That was among the big news of July 2021, for the 1st public anniversary of the FunKey S. One year after the Kickstarter campaign, three different colors and thousands of units sold, we came up with a new edition : Crystal Blue!

Our freshest edition

Time has come to announce the three lucky winners of the giveaway - that took place on our Instagram! Head over our account to find out 😍

The hype around this Crystal Blue FunKey S really was fantastic! We've been receiving lots of positive vibes around the new color, and that means a lot. And obviously, adding this edition to our store is really crossing our minds.. 👀

Still it's a bit early to be definitive about this! Just be sure that we heard you loud and clear 😉

see you soon..?

That will be all for today, friends!

Have a nice weekend,

Take care!

The FunKey team

FunKey News #8
about 1 month ago – Sat, Jul 03, 2021 at 03:43:25 AM

Hello everybody! 

Yes, exactly! A new update already 😄

Today we are July the 2nd, 2021. That means..

We're celebrating something very special! 🎉

Remember, one year ago? On July 1st 2020 we officially launched the FunKey S crowdfunding campaign! 

Looking back, it's been such an adventure:

We've reached our initial Kickstarter goal, unlocked special editions, proceeded to the shipment of thousands of units,  launched a new store where orders keep on coming, released several firmware updates, ordered multiple new production batches, and most importantly, participated in the genesis of a fantastic community on Discord! 🙌

What a year, huh? 👻

So today we're very happy to wish you a happy birthday as well, as it would never have been possible without first of all: you! 🎂

Question is, how to celebrate? 

Well. For the past few weeks we've been working on an exclusive new dress for our dear FunKey S!

Original Purple, Retrogaming Gray, Atomic Purple... and now for its grand debut, please welcome the FunKey S Crystal Blue edition! 💎

To properly celebrate the event, we have three (yes only 3) Crystal Blue consolesto give away! 🤜  🤛

Head over our Instagram to participate :-) The three lucky winners will be randomly selected at the end of July.

And if you happen to enjoy the color, we might consider adding it to our store 😉

Our Instagram:  / FunKey_Project

Oh, and there are more good news coming! 👌

Prod & Ship

The previously mentioned production batch of 5000 units is going well! Things are moving forward, and the estimated shipping window for these ones is still set between late July / beginning August 🤞

Fresh batch of 5K circuit boards in the making

As of now, we don't know if we'll ship the 5000 in one time or in several times. But do not worry, that does not change the fact that each order that belongs to this production batch will get shipped this summer 🙌

Now, about the 600 units shipping batch, it's going great as well, as they will be shipped running next week! People with orders in this batch will receive their tracking number soon, no worries 👻

1+1 = 1

And that's the icing on the cake: our CEO Vincent is getting married this month! 💍

For that reason, do not be surprised if you do not see updates coming in the next few weeks 😄  that does not mean the production and shipping are on hold, it's just that the team takes a few days off to celebrate properly 😄

Let's hear it for Vincent! Congratulations on your wedding, boss! 💒

That's a wrap!

Again, a happy birthday to everybody 🎂 , and do not forget to go on our Instagram if you want to enter the giveaway for the Crystal Blue edition 😄 💎


The FunKey team

FunKey News #7
about 1 month ago – Fri, Jun 25, 2021 at 08:53:34 PM

Hi retrogamers!

We hope you're doing great! It has already been three weeks since our last update, it's time to freshen things up!

V3S:'s here!

YES! The missing component we've been telling you about for the past weeks is finally in our hands!

Because of the current electronic components shortages, the Allwinner V3S (the main processor) was the only missing piece to keep the production going.

Rare picture of us, seeing the V3S finally arrive

We know it's not a surprise, last time, we told you the manufacturer planned to send them by the end of June, but it's really a relief to actually have them in our hands. Now we're really happy to get back to production ⚙️⚙️

Production of 5K units

That's the next step. Now that we have all the components, a first production of 5K more FunKey S can proceed right away, followed by another big one after that. 

This will cover all the orders currently placed that have not yet been produced and leave us some stock for the future 🤞. 

And around the end of July:

 As always, we'll keep you update about the state of this 5K production during our updates.

New firmware upgrade 2.3.0

That's right! FunKey-OS v2.3.0 is here and it brings a lot of improvements and new stuff: !

You can find an extensive version of the changelog in the picture below but the three main points are:

  • You can now create your own RetroFE themes and copy/paste them in the usb partition like you would transfer a game!
  •  Picodrive (Sega Master System and Sega Genesis emulator) was bumped to the latest 1.98 irixxxx version and fully adapted for the FunKey S. This means full speed Sega-CD, instant action for SegaCD and 32X and more.
  • Developers can now add the instant action feature to their standalone OPKs 

As you know, updating your FunKey S is a very simple process : a quick drag&drop operation of the FunKey-rootfs-2.3.0.fwu file and you're good to go!

Just in case, here are the instructions:

Create and share your own RetroFE's themes

As introduced in the previous section, there's a great new feature introduced in this new FW 2.3.0 for the artists and tinkerers out there: you can now create your own themes for RetroFE.

Anyone can now list and display themes from the folder: /FunKey/.retrofe/layouts. A new theme named "XXX" must simply be copy/pasted to the /FunKey/.retrofe/layouts/XXX folder and the file /FunKey/.retrofe/layouts/layouts.list must list this new theme "XXX".

This has been a long awaited functionnality and people had already come up with ways to modify the system partition itself in order to add their own themes before.

If you follow the Discord server you must have seen that most recently Siryatan came up with the "Retroflex" theme that simply looks amazing. See for yourselves.

RetroDex theme from Siryatan

It looks so nice, we've decided to add his theme, along with another one called "EmuStation" to the new user folder .

EmuStation theme

These themes' main layout.xml files are full of comments to explain each section and get you started easily. A full documentation is available here:

To conclude

Remember that if you have any questions about your FunKey S, you can have a look to the documentation space, the Wiki, or especially drop a message on the very active Discord server where many FunKey users will be happy to help you!

Of course, you can also send us a message at : 😁

That's something we keep saying at the end of every updates but thank you for your support and patience

We understand perfectly that waiting for your console requires patience, and we wanted to tell you that you guys have been amazing.

Everyday we receive new messages, new mails, asking for the status of the orders, and it's -most of the time- very gentle and you guys understand our situation.

Next update on Kickstarter should be an update regarding the production batch, we can't wait!


The FunKey team

FunKey News #6
2 months ago – Fri, Jun 04, 2021 at 02:59:30 PM


Dear community, how are you doing? We know it's been a while but we prefered to have more news before posting a new update.

Although this one will be short, there's some important stuff we need to share, so let's begin!

V3S : the wait is almost over!

And that's the big news : for the last weeks we've been patiently waiting for the FunKey's micro processor - the Allwinner V3S - to be available for the next big production batch. The supplier finally came back to us and we should get all the processors by then end of the month!

That's a relief, really. The production of this big batch is something we've been working on for some time now. Because of the current shortages, it was very difficult to find the V3S, and even more difficult to be in line! We're sorry it took some time, we wish some of you did not have to wait that long for their FunKey S

As you know, the circuit board process was only waiting for this one component to start

Many of you reached us about the shipping window for these units. Since we'll be receiving the component by the end of June, the shipping of the units should begin a few weeks after (the time for the circuit boards to be made, and the products to be assembled), between end July and August.

We'll keep you updated on how things go! 

With this big batch we'll finally be able to ship to everyone, and still have some stock remaining for future orders - no more waiting!

Discover : new review videos

The guys on Discord have discovered and shared a couple of very nice new review videos of the FunKey S.

Before sharing these videos, we want to thank all of these youtubers for their interest in our work! It's always amazing to see people from all around the globe reviewing our product. This little console has grown beyond our expectations!

Wulff Dean

Izzy Mode 

Wagner's TechTalks

Shipping : the 1500 units

As you regularly read our Kickstarter updates (yes you do, come on), you know we've been shipping 1500 units since last month. Out of the 1500, we still have 600 units to go!

Depending when you placed your order, your unit could be among these 600 (the closer to March you placed your order, the most likely). 

For those who received their tracking information but have not received their order yet: patience please.

Your package is on the way and will be delivered as planned

Software : loading

Final part of this update, we are cooking one software upgrade! It will be released this month, we'll do a new Kickstarter update to let you know the features and where to find it

this is not a picture loading, you can keep scrolling down

Update : long story short

The V3S coming late June, new review videos, 600 units awaiting shipping and a new software this month...

This update turned out to be longer than expected! As always, thanks for your support and patience.

Don't forget you can follow us on social media : Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Discord...

And why not, leave us a comment on Google? As we want to grow and keep going in the retrogaming stage, that would means a lot to us!

Again, thank you!

Take care

Vincent, David, Michel and Killian

FunKey News #5
3 months ago – Sat, May 08, 2021 at 05:18:17 PM

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening everyone!

Hope you're doing awesome! 🤘

It has already been two weeks since our last update, time to freshen things up!


This is very fresh news, as we launched a new store only yesterday :-) 

From now on, you guys can order your FunKey S from here : 

the new store

Naturally, you can still reach the store from our website :-)

We moved from BackerKit because we thought it was time to change, as BackerKit was really a post Kickstarter solution for pre-orders. Besides shipping fees are now calculated according to the number of units in your cart, so it's much more intresting now if you're buying in stock. 👀


We know this is what most of you are here for: shipping updates. We pushed and pushed our shipping company during their labour holiday ( 🙈 ) and it has started! The batch of 1500 is starting to ship out and is expected to get fully shipped running May.

We're aware it's been a long wait, but the end of the tunnel is there! 😁

Once your order is sent out, tracking information will be sent to you a few days later! That goes for the few of you that replacement units were programmed too!


As mentioned in the last Kickstarter update, the production of new units is currently pending because one component is missing : the V3S processor.

However, we're not simply standing by and waiting for them to arrive. The assembly of what can be assembled has already started and is going on, so the moment the V3S comes in our hands, the next steps can get started.


As always, thank you for your understanding and your patience. We know we've been pushing shipping windows a few times, and just be aware this is not easy for us as well. 

We'll get back to you when we have more info to share!

FunKey owners, have fun! 🎉

FunKey waiters, be strong! 💪

We're all in this together! 🤝

See you later!

The FunKey team