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Ultra-compact, foldable, powerful and comfortable, the FunKey S is the perfect handheld for playing retrogames anywhere, anytime.

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FunKey News #3
13 days ago – Fri, Apr 09, 2021 at 11:53:29 PM

Hello dear retro backers!

We're super happy to talk with you today, as it's been a long time without an update. What's up? We hope you've been doing great! 

We have a lot of ground to cover, let's get started!

Worldwide supply chain delays 

As you may know, COVID/floods/high demand and other factors has changed a lot of things in the electronics area. You might have heard about the PS5/macs M1/graphic cards shortages. Well, we're confronted to the same exact issues. Many components are running out of stock and it's getting very difficult to source what the FunKey S has in its belly.

Still, we're doing the best we can to respect the delivery date for the next shipping batch: April 2021. We're pushing every day for the shipping to still be in April but despite our best efforts it might be at the beginning of May. Same thing for those who expect they consoles in May and so on, you're in another production batch, that we are still hopeful to finish in May, but believe us: it's not easy right now! Please excuse us if it' at the end of May, or even the beginning of June. 

Don't loose hope if there are small delays given the current situation, the important thing is that we're doing everything not to stop the production and your consoles are coming.

On our store, you'll notice the delivery date has changed to June, but it's only for new backers, the ones who place an order today (9th April) or later. For you who already placed your order, the shipping window remains the same : late April or late May.


First let's talk about some amazing feats!

Many of you must know Nintendrew, well he recently managed to finish Super Mario 64 on the FunKey S!

That's right!

Thank you Nintendrew for your video, it's amazing how we see you get the hang of the controls after a few levels. Yes, the FunKey S is Keychain sized, but this video alone, shows how playable it still is, and that even if the first minutes are tricky, one get used to it and can finish even challenging classics like this SM64!

But that's nothing compared to NovemberJoy, one of the Discord managers (and developper), who not only finished the game but also managed to get ALL 120 STARS ! Here is the proof:

That's just mind blowing !

Honestly, we're thrilled to see people challenging the FunKey S and pushing it to its limits. Clearly, this is way beyond all of our expectations.

The FunKey S is starting to get noticed online and just today Gizmodo published an article that we loved and wanted to share with you guys: 

Photo: Andrew Liszewski/Gizmodo

Another of the Discord managers: Coolie Coolster, that you most certainly know for being the FunKey Wiki's creator has recently uploaded a series of videos about the FunKey S on his youtube channel. The latest one is a real gem of information for setting up your device, everyone should check it out:

Thank you Coolie! Again, you're showing your fantastic involvement in this project. That really means a lot to us, kudos!

More good news

Speaking about the Discord, the last few days marked a great milestone as teh community reached 1K subscribers

Big up to Reno, Cralex, NovemberJoy and Coolie for managing the channel with such rigor and enthousiasm! 

We also would like to thank all the devs, artists and everyone contributing to the discord community by sharing their experience and helping each other all the time like you do! You guys are amazing! If you're new to the project, we strongly invite you to head over the Discord, to meet FunKey owners, share your experience with them, or even just meet new retrogamers :

Last words about orders not yet not delivered

To end this update, we'd like to have a word for the backers who have not yet received their order, and have had a notification that it was shipped. We completely understand you're frustrated and we have not at all forgotten about you! 

You must know that sometimes, parcels get stuck in customs for a few days/weeks (that goes specially for UK backers), or that packages are not scanned every steps of the way. This means your order may not to be updated for a few days but the order still moves forward in the shipping process. There are however some orders that might get stuck in customs for too many weeks! Hopefully it concerns only a very little fraction of orders (a dozen among thousands) but this is still crazy and we understand your frustration. 

Believe us, we are trying to deal with the different customs but we're also getting tired of them so from now on, we have simply decided that if you FunKey is getting stuck for too long, we'll simply address it by sending you a new one, and that's it! 

If you believe you are in this case, do not hesitate to send us back another email at, we don't want to leave people who paid waiting indefinitely without a solution.


Have a nice weekend, and thank you for your continued support!


The FunKey team

FunKey News #2
about 1 month ago – Tue, Mar 23, 2021 at 01:57:21 PM

Hello everybody!

We hope you're doing great and have nice plans for the upcoming weekend :-) 

Two weeks have passed since our last Kickstarter update, and we have some news for you!


The Retro Dodo Youtube channel just uploaded a review video of the FunKey S, and it's available right here : 

We could not be happier that the retrogaming community embraces our work, especially big youtubers like RetroDodo! 

After all these years working on the FunKey S behind the scenes, it's super motivating seeing both amateurs and curious gamers having their hands on our system and actually enjoying it.

You guys can also have a look at the written review of the FunKey S Retro Dodo just put on their website : (8.5/10 🤩🤩🤩) 


You guys asked us to add a feature allowing you to save the aspect ratio, and we listened! 

Many other things are fixed as well so go check out the new firmware 2.1.0.

Upgrading your system is very easy, just follow this simple tutorial.

We take this opportunity to thank you all for reporting issues and suggesting improvements. That's helping us improve the system! As always thanks to the guys on Discord, your help and dedication is invaluable!


This section goes to people who ordered their unit between end November and late February! Some of you must have received a notification that your FunKey S was shipped :-) 

For the few of you who did order between November and February BUT have not received a notification, it simply is because we were out of stock for the color you asked for.

Do not worry, we have not forgotten about you. You'll be part of the next shipping batch, due in April.

And that goes for every other person who did not receive a notification :-)

Have a nice week-end!

The FunKey team

FunKey News #1
about 2 months ago – Sat, Mar 06, 2021 at 07:24:54 PM

Dear retrogamers,

It's been a long time, we hope everyone is doing great and enjoying their FunKey S. For the few still waiting, don't worry it's coming, it usually means it was a little lack of luck and it must be stuck in customs.

We said no more updates, but we've seen your comments encouraging us to post here firmware upgrades and important news and we think it's a really good idea... plus we missed you. 

FunKey OS 2.0.1

The latest FunKey-OS firmware update, version 2.0.1, is now available here:

Several small changes have been made, but most importantly, it removes the high pitched noise that some of you with very good ears could hear.

To install the update, simply drag the firmware update file (FunKey-rootfs-2.0.1.fwu) to the root directory of your FunKey S, it's as easy as that !

For detailed instructions on how to update the firmware of your system, check the FunKey documentation tutorial here: 

New orders

If you have ordered recently, you might be wondering when you'll receive your FunKey.

The production of a brand new batch is in process so you can expect a shipping date in April. 

We do not expect delays but guys let us tell this you in all honestly: production in China these days is cra-zy! No wonder you cannot find a PS5 or graphic card anymore. There is way too much demand and everyone is trying to get what leftover stock they can because the chips, or even the basic copper are becoming expensive or simply impossible to find anymore. We'll keep you updated if we encounter any issues but we've managed to secure the components we need so everything should be fine for the next production.

That will be all, as always thanks for all the love and shares, you're the best and we cannot tell you enough how much we love seeing you playing on the FunKey S!

If you have any issues, or you still do not have a tracking number, as always do not hesitate to contact us at, we do our best to answer in less that 1 or 2 days maximum. 


The FunKey team

Last episode, FunKey?
2 months ago – Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 01:15:23 AM

Kickstarter backers, Indiegogo backers,

online store buyers and eternal retrogamers, hello!

More and more of you are getting their FunKey S and are enjoying your first games on it! This warms our hearts so much.

We have been working like crazy so shipment starts before Chinese New Year, and we are proud (and relieved) to confirm that everything's been shipped. 

As we said last week, don't worry if haven't received a tracking number. It might be later, or even in some cases, after you've received the product. The important is that all the packages have shipped and are arriving safely.

We wanted to talk about shipping, but also about something else:

Almost seven months ago, on 18th August 2020, we started this series called "What's up FunKey?" for our Kickstarter updates, and we have the feeling it's time to say goodbye to this regular cycle.

Our work is done here, as little FunKey S consoles are starting to knock at your doors. With your help we've made the FunKey S a reality and now that it is soon in your hands, it is time for us to pass the baton.  It's your turn to make it live, through shares, videos, pictures, discussions, reviews, Discord.

Naturally, you can always reach us on this email address :, or on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)! 

The store is still open here for preorders since we are currently out of stock and after the Chinese new year, and the second batch of production all the current preorders will be shipped. After that we'll have enough stock to open a real "orders" store with no more production delays.

We'll keep working on improving the FunKey S while defining a better view of what's next for FunKey Project. But after all these months, it's time we let this little handheld to your good care

What can we say but thank you! This all started from an idea and you've made it a reality. It even grew to become more than a simpe handheld, the community that got together around this project still amazes us. Every day we have a look at the Discord you guys created and it's wonderfulto see you helping each other, creating artworks/videos/content, debating, sharing experiences. 

Thank you guys, thank you for everything, and see you soon!

With retrolove,

Vincent, Michel, David and Killian

Our Instagram :

Our Facebook :

Our Twitter :

The Discord :

What's up, FunKey? episode 22
3 months ago – Sat, Feb 06, 2021 at 09:36:43 AM

Hello there, retrogamers!

We hope you've had a great week!

We do not have much to share with you today, so this will be a short update.


Before talking tracking numbers, we've seen that some backers in China and Hong Kong are already receiving their new consoles from this 2nd shipping!!! Based on how the 1st shipping experience went this means that soon everyone will get theirs😄!

Some of you already received their email containing the tracking number but if you did not receive it, don't worry! The factories in China are working like crazy right now to prioritize everything before the Chinese new year holidays. In our case this means that the priority is shipping the packages. For some countries, sending the tracking number will simply be done after everything is shipped. So it might very well be that your FunKey S has already been shipped but you'll receive your tracking number a bit later😄.

What's important is that your orders will be shipped before Chinese New Year!
We know you've been patiently waiting to play with the FunKey S and let us put your mind at ease: everything is going perfectly now, everyone should get its FunKey very soon 😄!


The documentation space has been updated! Latest section addedHow to change Gmenu2x wallpaper. This is something the first FunKey owners (and curious future ones) asked us, here you go!

We hope you appreciate this documentation space and that every tutorial that's put there is easy for you to understand! 


  • We sent Jutley (RGHandhelds) a FunKey S review sample for reviews and he received it a few days ago, you can check his unboxing video below. He already said that he'll be uploading new videos soon so don't hesitate to subscribe to his channel and join the Discord channel to check out the new videos as soon as they come out!
  • A new review video made by a Japanese backer caught our eyes this week  : 

     We admit we do not speak Japanese, but he seems pretty happy about his console 😄 😄 and the quality of the video is amazing. It really shows how crisp and fluid the screen is.

     Azu Kenichi, if you ever see this, 動画ありがとうございます!

  •  Do you remember Dragonborne? We told you a few months ago about this new GameBoy game developed by Spacebot Interactive! Well, it will be released on Steam on 12th February! They also announced on their Instagram they had a new game in the works, it's called "Deadeus"! You can check their work over here : We're eagerly awaiting its release to play it on the FunKey S! (Just as a reminder, we are not affiliated to Spacebot Interactive and they did not ask us to talk about them. It's just we think that's incredibly cool that new games come out, full retro! )

That's all for today folks, 


The FunKey team