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Ultra-compact, foldable, powerful and comfortable, the FunKey S is the perfect handheld for playing retrogames anywhere, anytime.

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What's up, FunKey? episode 8
5 days ago – Sat, Oct 17, 2020 at 03:58:20 PM

Hello there!

Is that already time for a new update? Sure it is, let's begin update #8! 

Today on the menu: battery, casing, community, surveys and gameplay.

Some GBA gameplay

Let's start with something some of you asked us: how do GBA games look on the FunKey S. Since I wanted to play a bit of Advance Wars 2, that's very good timing 😁

(Sadly Kickstarter greatly reduces the quality and crispness of the images, sorry for that, it's way more crisp and vibrant in reality, we might post the real pics on IG)

 Simply press on Fn+"bottom arrow" to quiclky change the aspect ratio. Or go through the menus.

from stretched to scaled
scaled ratio

Hope you enjoyed the pics!


Quick update regarding the battery now, because yes we need to talk about the battery. After some testing, we're proud to announce we finally found the perfect fit! It seems like a simple thing but many batteries we tried simply do not hold the announced capacity. Sometimes it's less than half! If someone plans to produce in China, here is a quick tip: always - always - double check the battery capacity. Chances are you'll have a hard time getting your hands on the real deal. But nothing cheap for the FunKey S so in the end we had to order a custom-made battery and - finally - we found the one that holds its promisses (and then some since it's 410mAh instead of 400): this means between 1h30 and 2h of gaming for one single charge on such a tiny device.  

Even the hardest of the tests with 100% CPU,  brightness 100%, and continuous 100% sound level reaches around 1h10min of gameplay.

If you - more realistically - play GameBoy games (CPU to 20%), with 50% battery and 40% sound level, you'll easily reach over 2h!

Casing V2

Now : casing! You've already seen the first version and we said there were some things to improve here and there. Well - every little issue has been addressed and we are super happy with the V2 version. The only things that still need little work are the front buttons (a bit too high meaning they already press on the switches by themselves when closing the casing). No worries - that's the last little tweak. We're already working on solving it and next week, we should be all good!

Many people are still coming to us asking why isn't the black shell FunKey available among the color choices. The thing is, this black FunKey S is a sample, only meant to be used as a cavy for textures, buttons, screen and battery testing, gameplay shots..  We'll stick it to our three colors for now!


Since we're one month before shipping, surveys are closed and those who have answered will be the first to receive their FunKey S. We take this opportunity to thank you for answering our questions so we can deliver you what you bought for better!

For the others don't worry, MP us and we'll send you the link, you can still fill your survey but might receive the console later (after you fill in your shipping address, we simply cannot send anything without this info).


Let's keep it going with the community aspect! Our friend Coolie Coolster updated the Wiki and added an amazing list of compatible keychain accessories for you :

You'll find many things that can enhance your keychain and make your FunKey S shine even more:


Lastly, we just wanted to let you know that in early December, SEGA will be offering Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (for MegaDrive) on Steam! The pack contains the rom and it's totally legal. Perfect for your FunKey S 😎 Again a great example that emulation doesn't have to be not mean illegal.

Black-shell FunKey S is just a sample for tests, not for sale

It's a wrap for this week's update

We'll be back next week for a lot of pictures, not saying more 🤐 😉 !

What's up, FunKey? episode 7
12 days ago – Sat, Oct 10, 2020 at 02:15:10 PM

Hello Kickstarter!

We hope you're doing good, time to rest as the week ends, time for a new update 😄

To start, let's enjoy this gameplay video! It's the one we shared on Instagram the other day, but some of you asked us to put here as well, so there it is! 😊

As you can see, the glass is super neat! We have not specified this point with you but we upgraded the protective glass for everyone to go with an anti-fingerprint and anti-scratches glass, just like Gorilla Glass, for an optimum experience 🧐

Same goes for the casing! We assume your FunKey S will most of the time be in your pocket and/or located with keys, so it's better if it does not catch scratches, right? Scratch proof casing, yessir! 😈

Last but not least, in the last update we introduced the Wiki page that Coolie Coster, a member of the FunKey community,  came up with. Remember? -> 

He's not the only one working on the FunKey Community! If you guys are on Discord, make sure to have a look at the FunKey Project channel created by Reno, where you can chat with other retrogamers about homebrews, development, announcement, and find out more info... 💬

Enjoy your week-end, see you very soon for more updates! 💜

The FunKey Team

What's up FunKey? episode 6
19 days ago – Fri, Oct 02, 2020 at 07:26:50 PM

 #1 The FunKey Wiki 

Maybe you've heard of it, but a member of our FunKey community set up a Wiki page for the FunKey S, and it's crazy awesome😀! Coolie Cooster did an amazing job and the whole FunKey team truly thanks him for his spontaneous involvement. We encourage everyone to go have a look and help contribute💪: 

In this page, he shared lists of ROMs you can download 100% legally (this one goes for the people who keep saying ROMs are illegal), both freeware and well-known commercial retro-games. Since Coolie knows a lot in this area, he's now helping us find the 5 best free games for each platform to include in your FunKey S 😇.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone here. Everyday we receive messages, mails, support, from you and it's super motivating to go further. You're the best community we could ask for🙏.


Yes, you guys asked for some! Two days ago we shared a video on our Instagram (@funkey_project) showing how Super Mario Bros Advance and Ghouls'n Ghosts run on our FunKey :)

More visuals, info and other gameplay videos will be shared on Instagram so feel free to follow us there!


The electrical mass production has begun! We have officially ordered all the electronic components and circuit boards. Our manufacturer will start the assembly of PCBAs (Printed Circuit Board Assembled) ASAP.

What the FunKey S PCBA looks like

 #4 MORE!

Earlier this week we closed our Indiegogo InDemand platform since we were finally setup and ready to open our own store here. Don't worry, in no way this means you guys (whether from Kickstarter or Indiegogo) have to start your order over again (we want to make it clear since the question has been asked)

As always guys, for those of you who still havn't answered the survey, please do so, or reach us on Kickstarter or at so that we can send you your personal link! We'll be locking orders very soon, and uncomplete profiles sadly cannot be fulfilled since we don't have any address to ship the consoles... If you have already answered the survey and filled your address/color you're all good, ignore this reminder 😉

Thanks for your kind feedback towards the packaging! We know it's the inside that matters but we wanted you to see the look of it 😊

Questions? Send us a mail here : :) We do our best to try and resply ASAP!

See you next week for a new update!

Oh, and happy birthday to our dear COO David! 🎉🎉🎉

What's up, FunKey? episode 5
26 days ago – Sat, Sep 26, 2020 at 11:59:06 AM

Hello Kickstarter! How has it been? 

Time for a new update! Today ... surprise!

A few weeks ago we started to design the packaging, and earlier this week we received its physical version! Have a look! 

Since we have three colors for the FunKey S (Atomic Purple, Retrogaming Gray, Original Purple), we decided to add stickers so differentiate them. 

It measures 85mm x 85mm x 35mm, and was produced with an environmentally thought : recyclable, simple & efficient. 

A handheld console into a handheld box! We hope you like it! :D

IMPORTANT NOTE : There are still some backers who have not filled in their survey, in which we ask you to indicate what is the color of your choice and to let us know where to send your FunKey S! If we do not have those info, we won't be able to ship your order. 

You can send us a mail at if you have any questions or do not find your survey anymore :)

FunKey Project team wishes you a great week-end!

What's up, FunKey? episode 4
about 1 month ago – Tue, Sep 15, 2020 at 08:50:28 PM

Hello Kick' community!

How have you been doing? It's been some time since our last update.

On our side, things have been moving forward, which is good news!

#1 on the agenda: surveys

Over 90% backers have already filled our survey, giving us their go-to color for their FunKey S!

If you haven't answered your survey yet or having trouble finding it/filling it, please let us know, we'll be happy to help!

To the backers who have a Kickstarter account connected to an Appleid email address, please send us a message here on Kickstarter so we can send you the survey directly and change your email address. The reason is that Appleid email addresses cannot be reached from our side.

#2 let's talk about molds!

We're soooo excited about these! Our manufacturer just sent us pictures of first samples from molds, look at that! (yes, it's black but it's just to test the plastic quality for now)

Same goes for the buttons!

See you next time for more updates, friends!

FunKey Project team